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December 2014: UniverCity Resident Survey

Living in a friendly and pro-active community is a dream for many young couples,
families, and retirees, and yet at UniverCity at SFU, it seems this dream has become
a reality for most. In the latest UniverCity Resident Survey Report, we see all the
numbers and facts that support UniverCity as a tight-knit and happy community as
it is today. Here’s all the big news from the December 2014 UniverCity Resident

Neighbourhood Demographics

Who are you neighbours living at UniverCity? If you’ve ever wondered, it can be nice
to get the information accurately laid out. The latest UniverCity Resident Survey has
all the current demographic stats about who your neighbours are in the community.

Households at UniverCity at SFU are:
  • mostly couples and families, with 65% of households at UniverCity
  • mostly families, with 50% of households raising children
  • largely downsizing from a previous home, at 42% of all households
  • commonly associated with Simon Fraser University, with four-in-ten
  • single-vehicles homes, at 58% with just one car

UniverCity Commuters Going Green

While most residents of UniverCity enjoy the sustainable and natural surroundings
of the community, the majority of your neighbours are still commuting to their place
of work – while 7% of UniverCity residents enjoy working from their own homes.

Within this group of employed residents, 30% commute to SFU, 16% drive to other
parts of Burnaby, and 35% commute into Vancouver. The great news about this,
however, is that while many residents are still commuting a fair distance to their
place of employment, the number of those doing so by private vehicle has declined
significantly in the past eight years.

Starting at 60% in 2007, the latest UniverCity Resident Survey produced
positive news showing a rapid private car commuter decline to less than four
in ten, or 39%. In accordance to last year’s report, 28% of UniverCity residents use
public transit to get to work, and another 28% walk. One-five-residents have made
use of the car co-op service at UniverCity.

Why Residents Love UniverCity

As it turns out, the reasons that residents love living at UniverCity at SFU are
generally the same reasons why they chose to move here in the first place. As
recorded in the survey, 69% of residents found the natural setting and views to
be the most alluring aspect of UniverCity, while affordability and proximity to
surrounding conveniences were two other strong factors. The sustainable aspects
found throughout UniverCity were aspects also strongly highlighted by residents in
the survey, demonstrating just how truly eco-friendly UniverCity and its residents