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School of the Week: Mini School for Highly Able Students at Alpha Secondary

It comes around very often that we are asked about the different schools across different neighbourhoods, and we are always happy to share our insights with our clients looking to move to a new area. This week we’ve decided to highlight a new school that will be opening in September, 2015: the Mini School for Highly Able Students at Alpha Secondary.

 Quick facts:


  • Name: Mini School for Highly Able Students at Alpha Secondary
  • Location: 4600 Parker Street, Burnaby, BC
  • Opening Date: September, 2015
  • Age Group: Secondary


About the Program

 The Mini School at Alpha Secondary, set to open soon, has been designed to enhance and enrich the learning process of students who have demonstrated high achievement and academic potential, as well as extraordinary talents and abilities. This on-site mini school at Alpha Secondary will provide high-achievement students with a positive environment of intellectual peers where potential and growth will be the main focus.

 Students will participate in more complex and creative cognitive challenges, both as a group and separately, while taking part in exciting and engaging learning activities. The mini school’s main objective is to support intellectual students in reaching their academic, personal, and social potential.

 Two Classes at the Mini School

 There are two classes at the Mini School at Alpha, Cohort A and Cohort B, designed to fit the individual needs and preferences of intellectual students, while retaining parallel instructional and curricular guidelines.

 Cohort A: Cohort A is tailored to enhance the learning experience and leverage the potential of high-ability students who have a tendency towards alternative learning methods. The students who would be a fit for Cohort A are typically those who would benefit from the support in their written communications, and who’s written abilities do not meet their intellectual and academic capacities. This class will emphasize the strengthening of cognitive processing, assisting students in the mechanics of getting their ideas down on paper.

Cohort B: Cohort B is a class for high achievement students who have exceeded expectations in academic areas including written communications, and do not need additional support in this area.  

Cognitive Assessment and Selection

If you are interested in sending your child to Mini School for Highly Able Students at Alpha Secondary, a cognitive assessment is required in order for the selection committee to gain accurate and up-to-date information of each student’s cognitive and creative profiles.

 For more information regarding the Mini School at Alpha Secondary, please visit: Information